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Translation Services

As a certificated translator and a member of the American Translators Association in good standing, Mr. Sliter meets skill standards of the translation profession.

Mr. Sliter is proficient in the use of the most advanced computer aided translation (CAT) tools which ensure that the format of the client’s original document will be flawlessly matched to the translated document. Mr. Sliter prepares a professional pre-translation analysis report that is presented to the client to asses the word count, complexity of project, and the estimated turn-around-time. Mr. Sliter also provides progress reports and a final analysis report for every translation.

In contrast to other available translation services, Mr. Sliter is a licensed private investigator as well as a certificated translator who can engage directly with the client for Spanish/English translation matters. In this way the sharing of confidential case information with others who are not a party to the investigation is avoided.

Traffic Accident Investigation

As a San Mateo Police Officer, Mr. Sliter was assigned to the Department’s Traffic Bureau for five years. Mr. Sliter was certified as a Traffic Accident Investigator through CA POST and as such he investigated hundreds of traffic accidents ranging from property damage-only events to fatalities. Mr. Sliter has testified to collision factors at depositions, as well as civil and criminal trials based on his training and experience.

DUI Investigation and Defense

As a patrol officer with the San Mateo Police Department, Mr. Sliter was specially trained in impaired driving enforcement. He has made arrests based on probable cause for suspicion of alcohol and/or drug influence through both enforcement stops and also evidence observed at accident scene investigations. Mr. Sliter has testified to his training and experience at depositions and trials over the course of his career as a municipal police officer. From this experience, Mr. Sliter understands the nature of both prosecution and defense strategies involved in these matters.

Auto Theft Investigation/Fraud

As a police officer in San Mateo, Mr. Sliter was awarded the CHP’s 10851 Award five times. This award recognizes superior achievement in auto theft investigation. Mr. Sliter served as the Department’s Auto Theft Detective, and later as an FBI agent was assigned to San Diego’s Regional Auto Theft Task Force where he investigated all facets of auto theft investigation to include complex fraudulent insurance claims. Mr. Sliter has been trained by both CA POST and the FBI in this area of investigation.


Mr. Sliter’s experience in this area includes extensive FBI training and an assignment to San Diego’s Joint Terrorism Task Force immediately following the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Mr. Sliter was assigned full-time to collaborate with international law enforcement partners in London, England. Mr. Sliter’s training in International terrorism gives him a unique ability to apply that experience to private investigative matters when a nexus to terrorism is suspected.

Restraining Orders and Service of Process

As a police officer, Mr. Sliter gained experience serving emergency restraining orders. As an FBI agent he served Federal subpoenas, and as a deputy sheriff he gained experience successfully serving litigants, including those who had taken steps to avoid service.

Family Law & Services Provided to Family Law Attorneys

As a deputy sheriff, Mr. Sliter worked in San Diego’s Family Law Court for 2 1/2 years. He fully understands the function of the Family Law Court, having worked closely with judges, attorneys, witnesses and litigants through domestic violence restraining order hearings, evidentiary hearings, trials, settlement hearings, and contempt hearings. Mr. Sliter’s experience in this area has uniquely prepared him to assist clients in Family Law matters.

Public Record Searches

While working as a deputy sheriff, Mr. Sliter worked in the California Superior Court and also the San Diego County Administration Center. There he gained experience in researching records maintained by the Court, the County Assessor, and the County Recorder. Mr. Sliter applies this experience in searching for and lawfully obtaining records requested by clients.


As an FBI agent, Mr. Sliter received advanced surveillance training and was assigned to investigative matters of the FBI’s Special Operations Group (SOG) both as a certified Bureau surveillance aircraft pilot and ground team surveillance operator. This experience enhances Mr. Sliter’s ability to meet surveillance objectives in the course of private investigations.

Background Research

During Mr. Sliter’s FBI career he was tasked with conducting pre-employment background interviews for FBI applicants, as well as background re-investigations of Federal judges. Mr. Sliter uses the interview techniques he developed through this experience to offer his private investigation clients efficient and effective background research.

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